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Central Arizona Firearms Refinishing is a FULL SERVICE gunsmith shop and can update your weapon with the latest technology in firearms refinishing. We use DuraCoat, a two part resin compound which, when properly applied, can protect your firearm, knife, etc. from weather and wear for several lifetimes. DuraCoat is available in over 200 standard and tactical colors. DuraCoat will adhere to almost any material or surface and is extremely wear, chip, oil, chemical, rust, and impact resistant. DuraCoat is a chemical cure product and does not require heat to cure, which allows for the coating of all items such as scopes, wood & synthetic stocks, and other heat sensitive materials.

We specialize in multi color standard, digital, and 3D camouflage. Hunters and Tactical users will find whatever they need in a color or camouflage patterns.

Traditional Hot and Cold Rust Bluing and Parkerizing services are available.

Central Arizona Firearms Refinishing additionally provides stock repair, rifle bedding, barrel floating, and fine wood refinishing, stock bending, adjustable cheek and length of pull, and recoil reducers, as well as a wide range of full service custom gunsmithing, including a wide range of machine work.

We can make that Bomar or Novak Dovetail cut that you need to change sights on your pistol. Or maybe a custom designed and machined scope mount for your favorite handgun or rifle? We can do it.

Need to tame down that rifle recoil? Ask us about installing a KDF Muzzle Brake and/or a recoil pad or Gracoil System to control muzzle rise and felt recoil.

We can customize your rifle or handgun with an action job or custom trigger.

Specializing in Trigger and Action Jobs for Springfield XD, Glock, Browning Hi Power, S&W M&P, Taurus, and 1911 types, as well as most revolvers. We will make your handgun shoot the way it was meant to shoot.

We can turn your old gun into a custom weapon, made just for you.


Mauser 98 Action, Shilen Match 22" #3 Contour Barrel, Cal .308 Win, 1 in 10 Twist, Shrewd Muzzle Brake, Bold Trigger, Jeweled Bolt and Extractor, Bedded and Floated in Boyd's American Walnut Stock, Rifle finished in DuraCoat Black Oxide, Stock is Hand Rubbed Poly Finish. Leupold Mounts & Rings with Nikko Sterling GameKing 3.5X10-42 Scope. All Machine Work and Build was done in our Custom Shop.
Mauser 98 Action, Shilen 26" #7 Heavy Varmint Match barrel, 11degree recessed crown, Cal .243 Win with 1 in 8 Twist, Bold Trigger @ 2lbs, Bedded and floated in customer's Fajen Stock, Customer's BSA 6X24-50 Scope. All DuraCoated in Rattler Scheme with DuraCoat Matte Clear Top Coat.
Husqvarna Model 38 Small Ring Swedish Mauser in 6.5X55 Swedish. Cock on Open Modification, Adjustable Trigger, Re-configured Bolt Handle, Custom Shaped Trigger Guard, Quick Release Floor Plate, Trued Receiver and Bolt Face, Muzzle Brake, and Timney Low Profile Safety. Custom American Black Walnut Monte Carlo Style Stock with Rosewood Cap & Tip, Receiver Bedded and Barrel Floated, Hand Rubbed Tung Oil and Poly Finish, Pachmayer Butt Pad, Flush Mount Sling Swivels.
CUSTOM BUILT Remington 788 Urban Tactical Sniper Rifle, Cal .308 Win, Muzzle Brake, Timney 2.5lb Trigger, Custom Tactical Stock with Adjustable LOP and 2.5" wide Forearm, Flush Mounted Sling Swivels, Bedded Action and Free Floated Barrel. Explore 4X16-50 LR Scope on Leupold Base and Rings. All Metal is DuraCoated in Black Oxide and the Stock is DuraCoated in Tactical Black with CAFR Gray Spyderweb and Overcoated with DuraVelvet Top Coating for an overmolded rubber texture.
Savage Edge .223 DuraCoat Coyote Brown with OD Green Spyder Web effect on Stock and Scope and Custom Tuned Trigger
Fiberglass Stock in DuraCoat Grey with Black Spider Web Effect and DuraCoat Matte Clear Top Coat
Kimber M84 in .223 Rem. DuraCoat Dark Earth, Coyote Brown, and Desert Mirage Sand Camo with Snake Skin Effect.
Remington M40 .308 with DuraCoat Black/Grey Spiderweb on Stock with DuraVelvet Top Coat.
AR15 Cal 10mm DuraCoat 6 Color MultiCam
AK47 DuraCoat 4 Color French Army Camo
DuraCoat Urban Camo
AR15 DuraCoat 3 Color Desert Camo
AR15 DuraCoat Desert Digital Camo
DuraCoat Desert Camo
Glock 20 Cal 10mm DuraCoat MultiCam
Glock 29 Cal 10mm DuraCoat MultiCam
Browning Hi Power - White Steel Satin Clear DuraCoat
Makarov - DuraCoat Desert Tiger Camo Pattern
Ruger P95 w/ Pink & Gray Woodland Camo on Slide
Springfield 1911 Officers Model in Multi Cam
XD-40 SC - Pink and Tac Black Snakeskin
Marlin 336 Flood Restoration - New Wood and Re-blued
M1 Carbine Flood Restoration - Refinished Wood and Parkerized
Winchester 9422M Restoration - Refinished Wood and DuraCoat Titanium w/ Matte Clear Top Coat
Winchester 9422 Flood Restoration - DuraCoat Black Oxide w/ Gloss Clear Top Coat
Pair of Savage 24C Rifle/Shotguns Flood Restoration - DuraCoat Stainless w/ Satin Clear Top Coat, Restored Stocks w/ Limbsaver Recoil Pads.
Savage 110 Flood Restoration - New Custom Monte Carlo Black Walnut Stock, Bedded and Free Floated, DuraCoat Black Oxide, Limb Save Recoil Pad, Leupold Mounts and Rings, Leupold VariX-I 3-9X40 Scope, Custom Trigger.
Savage 340E Cal .222 Flood Restoration - New Custom Monte Carlo Claro Walnut Stock with 2-1/4" Varmint Forearm, DuraCoat 3D Thorny Brush Camo, Pachmeyer Butt Pad, B-Square Scope Mount, Leupold 3-9X40 VariX-I Scope
Remington 788 Cal 22-250 Ackley Improved - Glass Bedded, Free Floated Barrel, DuraCoat in Coyote Brown and Black, Custom Trigger , 3X9-40 Scope.
1898 Carl Gustav M94 Carbine 6.5X55 Swedish - Black Oxide DuraCoat, Bishop Stock Reshaped and Refinished,Custom Adjustable Trigger, Muzzle Brake, Re-shaped Trigger Guard.
Browning B78 in .30-06. Hand Rubbed Stock Finish. 2-1/2lb Trigger, Flush Mounted Sling Swivels, Limbsaver Pad, Cone-Trol Scope Mounts and Rings.
Winchester Model 70 in .30-06 Springfield - DuraCoat Black Oxide, Hand Rubbed Tung Oil finish coated with Hand Rubbed Polyurathane, Glass Bedded, Free Floated, 3lb Custom Trigger, Limbsaver Recoil Pad.
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Purchased Firearms must be picked up at our location by qualified purchaser. All sales are subject to Federal, State, and Local laws, regulations, and taxes. Firearms may be shipped to a FFL licensee to be transferred to a qualified purchaser, subject to your local laws and regulations.

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